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Children’s Health Defense Europe

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CHD Europe was launched in an effort to reveal the scale of the international coup d’état of the ‘health security agenda’ that is taking place under the cover of the pandemic response. It was initiated by the need to alert people on both sides of the Atlantic and rally support to protect our health and freedoms.
CHD Europe wants to protect the health and rights of children against abusive medical measures. We feel it is highly dysfunctional for a society to sacrifice the development of the youngest to extend the life of the eldest. Just as it happens with vaccine injury our children are not able to express the harm they suffer and they are often blamed for doing so. Their situation needs to be assessed according to their own needs and physical, mental and social development and well being.

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  “Children’s Health Defense is committed to ensuring people around the globe have access to truthful, meticulously sourced information that will allow them to make informed consumer and healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

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