New Media Portal

New Media Portal


Why should you contact us?

There are several reasons for contacting us.


You give us general feedback – we will also be glad to hear what can be improved on the site.
You discover links that don't work or see that new links have been added to a channel.
You send us your page suggestions if you think an informative and serious medium is missing. In this case we ask you to briefly explain why you think this medium is an useful addition and to always provide the main channels.
In your opinion one of the linked pages does not meet our requirements. We in particular do not want any extremist or racist publications. We have made every effort to ensure this when selecting the media. However, since positions can change over time, we also rely on your feedback here. Should you notice anything in this regard, please let us know - with a link to any content worthy of criticism.

You can reach us by e-mail at info (a) neue-medien-portal.de.

Thank you in advance!
Danke im voraus!


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