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Common Sense Conspiracy (CSC) is here to make you think about what is not obvious from your gas pump or the local news. ... Common Sense Conspiracy is not a news site.
CSC lists the topics labelled as conspiracy theories by the MSM and provides numerous article links for each, so that the reader can make up his own mind.

• 2012 Apocalypse
• Announcements
• Astronomy and Space (Non-UFO)
• Bilderberg and the New World Order
• Conspiracy Theorists (Alex Jones, etc)
• General Conspiracy Theories
• Government and Politics
• Holocaust
• Illuminati and Secret Societies
• Information
• International Conspiracies
• Internet/Hacking
• JFK Assassination
• Natural Disasters and Climate Change
• Paranormal
• Possible Iran War
• Religious Conspiracies (Vatican, etc)
• September 11th
• Silly and Offbeat Conspiracies
• Sometimes It Is What It Is
  We filter through the BS so you don't have to!

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