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About us
The Exposé was set up due to a lack of alternatives to the lying mainstream media, and a lack of alternatives which report only the facts. Other alternative media sites are happy to publish articles backed up with zero or questionable evidence. Whereas the mainstream media simply refuse to publish the truth or publish half-truths, spun in a way to suit the narrative of the very authorities which are funding them through advertising fees for publishing propaganda.

Why you should trust us
The No.1 reason you should trust ‘The Exposé’ is that all our investigations are based on official data such as the Office for National Statistics, the NHS, and the UK Government, and we link back to all our sources within every article.
We aren’t paid by authorities to advertise propaganda on their behalf, instead we are fully funded by you, our readers, via voluntary support, which means we are only accountable to you.
We are only interested in bringing you the facts, especially the ones that the mainstream refuse to.

Who we are…
The Exposé is run by extremely ordinary, hardworking people who are sick and tired of the fear-mongering, lies and propaganda perpetuated by the mainstream media. We felt it was our duty to bring you the facts that the mainstream refuse to, and now here we are.
We believe our work speaks for itself, and we hope you do too.

Our mission
Our aim is to bring you, honest, trustworthy and reliable journalism. We do it for you, and you alone.


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